Kitten needs good home asap in Anfield, Merseyside for sale

Kitten needs good home asap

Cody is 20 weeks old and absolutely lovely he's so loving and playful I hate to see him go but my other cat has had 2 kittens and this situation is getting worse by the day the new mum will not allow Cody even down the stairs in the house, it's so unfair, he's a great cat such a character, fully litter trained fled and wormed. He normally gets on with other cats but does like to play rough it's not his fault he's been brought up and plays with a very big and bouncy American Akita so I'd say he gets on with dogs but all animals are different so I would prefer him to go to a home with no other dogs or one that's really used to cats, we also have kids and my daughter adores him an he normally ends up on the end of her Bed and puts up with a animal obsessed 6 year old so i no he's great with kids, really want him to go to a loving family home an would really like to keep in touch with who ever falls in love with my little Cody cat, it really breaks my heart to see him go,
I would also like to make every one aware that I will be fully checking anyone who would like to give Cody a home as I'm fully aware of how dangerous this can be, I have already contacted as many shelters as I can and no one has space if you are from a shelter or no of one with space That are able to help me with Cody Id be very great full of your advice and help to get him rehomed so please contact me,
I do not want any money for Cody just a loving forever home